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  1. New Hampshire's GOP governor defends Trump's rally -- but isn't attending  CNN
  2. They Can’t Stomach Trump. They’re Sufficiently Comfortable With Biden.  The New York Times
  3. Trump 'going with his gut' in fanning racism, frustrating some White House aides  NBC News
  4. President Trump, History Teacher and Statue Builder | Opinion  Newsweek
  5. Biden Should Not Debate Trump Unless …  The New York Times
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  1. 'It's time to do it': Trump vows to put 'a lot of pressure' on governors to reopen schools this fall  USA TODAY
  2. Trump pushes country to fully open: "We'll never close"  CNN
  3. Trump and top administration officials discuss reopening schools this fall  CBS News
  4. Trump's N.H. rally is being targeted by fake attendance signups driven by Twitter and TikTok  The Boston Globe
  5. Trump says he will pressure governors to reopen schools as virus surges  CNN
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  1. Chief Justice John Roberts was briefly hospitalized last month for head injury after fall  NBC News
  2. Chief Justice John Roberts was briefly hospitalized in June after a fall  CNN
  3. Chief Justice Roberts injured head in fall last month, was hospitalized  Fox News
  4. This Is the Real John Roberts  The New York Times
  5. What Now for Pro-Lifers?  The Wall Street Journal
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  1. Top Universities Vow To Protect International Students From ‘Deeply Cruel’ ICE Deportation Policy  Forbes
  2. International Students in Online Courses Face Lost F1 Visas, ICE Says  The New York Times
  3. Berkeley students planning fraudulent course to circumvent ICE rules, avoid deportations  Fox News
  4. Opinion: Trump's cruel plan for international college students  Los Angeles Times
  5. International students may need to leave U.S.  Reuters
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  1. As Coronavirus Cases Spike, Trump Pushes Reopening Schools  NPR
  2. The truth about Trump's call to reopen schools  CNN
  3. Polls, Forecasts and Bookies All Point Biden. Is 2020 Just a Rerun of 2016?  Newsweek
  4. Can foreign policy progressives push Joe Biden to the left?  The Washington Post
  5. Biden benefits from an enthusiasm gap, not the other way around | TheHill  The Hill
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