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2020 Jun 02 - 03:56 pm (GMT)        |       2020 Jun 02 - 09:56 pm (Bangladesh)

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  1. Multiple police officers injured in protests hours after George Floyd's death was ruled a homicide  CNN
  2. George Floyd unrest: Cities face new looting amid stronger National Guard response, curfews  Fox News
  3. George Floyd protests spread nationwide: Live updates  CNN
  4. As chief of police, I knelt for George Floyd to show the people I serve that black lives matter  NBC News
  5. Fair treatment by cops is a right not a privilege: Reader views  USA TODAY
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  1. Watch live: Biden Speaks About George Floyd Protests | NBC News  NBC News
  2. Americans see differences in how police treat whites and blacks - CBS News poll  CBS News
  3. Biden leaves basement for second day in a row to meet with black leaders and pray at Delaware church  Daily Mail
  4. As Racial Tensions Turn Violent, a Careful Balancing Act for Biden  The New York Times
  5. Joe Biden visits a Black Lives Matter protest site in Delaware - Business Insider  Business Insider
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  1. NYPD cop struck by hit-and-run driver in the Bronx  New York Post
  2. Looters run wild in Bronx as video shows NYPD officer being beaten: 'Fordham is on fire'  Fox News
  3. NYC's highest-ranking uniformed member takes a knee, hugs George Floyd protesters  Eyewitness News ABC7NY
  4. NYPD Chief of Department kneels in solidarity with George Floyd protesters  New York Post
  5. Large Crowds, Looting and Officer Struck in the Bronx During Citywide Curfew | NBC New York  NBC New York
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  1. Mark Zuckerberg criticised by civil rights leaders over Donald Trump Facebook post  The Guardian
  2. Facebook employees stage a virtual walkout over Zuckerberg's inaction on Trump posts  CNN
  3. Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook to revisit policy on politician violent speech - Business Insider  Business Insider
  4. Facebook and Twitter Must Do More About Trump’s Tweets  The New York Times
  5. Facebook's Zuckerberg accused of setting dangerous precedent over Trump  BBC News
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  1. A peaceful protest, then looting, on Van Nuys Boulevard  Los Angeles Times
  2. Shocking moment black Good Samaritans are arrested by cops while trying to stop looters ransacking store  The Sun
  3. LAPD Chief Moore says George Floyd's death on looters' hands as much as officers  Los Angeles Times
  4. Small, peaceful Van Nuys demonstration grows despite cancellation and fears of unrest  LA Daily News
  5. George Floyd protests: Nearly 1,200 arrested in L.A. County  Los Angeles Times
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