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2020 Jan 18 - 01:22 am (GMT)        |       2020 Jan 18 - 07:22 am (Bangladesh)

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  1. New documents from Lev Parnas show more texts about possible surveillance of former US ambassador to Ukraine  CNN
  2. Pompeo says State will investigate possible surveillance of ex-US ambassador Yovanovitch  CNN
  3. Pompeo Says He ‘Never Heard’ That Ambassador Might Be Under Surveillance  The New York Times
  4. When Trump’s Thugs Turn on Him  The New York Times
  5. Thanks to Trump, we are living in a world of sleaze  The Washington Post
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  1. Supreme Court To Hear 'Faithless Electors' Case  NPR
  2. Supreme Court to hear 'faithless elector' case ahead of 2020 presidential election  Fox News
  3. 'Faithless elector': Supreme Court will hear case that could change how presidents are chosen  NBC News
  4. Supreme Court to Look at Electoral College Rules  Wall Street Journal
  5. Supreme Court will hear cases on electoral college, birth control mandate  The Washington Post
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  1. 1 Skier Dead, 1 Seriously Injured After Avalanche At Alpine Meadows  CBS Sacramento
  2. Avalanche at California ski resort leaves 1 dead, 1 seriously injured  CNN
  3. Avalanche at Lake Tahoe resort kills 1 skier, injures 1  Yahoo News
  4. Sheriff: One dead, one seriously injured in avalanche at Lake Tahoe ski resort  Fox News
  5. 1 dead, 1 injured in avalanche at Tahoe ski resort  KCRA Sacramento
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  1. Trump warns Iranian supreme leader who called him a 'clown' to be 'very careful with his words'  USA TODAY
  2. Isolated Iran leader lashes out at Europe as nations join US in ramping up pressure  Fox News
  3. Why Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei leading Friday prayers is significant  CNN
  4. Why the US needs Russia and China to help change Iran's behavior | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Trump’s moving-target rationale for Iran strike  The Boston Globe
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  1. 11 U.S. troops evacuated from Iraq base after Trump claimed none 'were harmed'  POLITICO
  2. Pentagon now says U.S. troops were injured in Iran missile attack  CBS This Morning
  3. US troops were injured in Iran missile attack despite Pentagon initially saying there were no casualties  CNN International
  4. Iran could attack U.S. troops in Iraq without fear of American missile defense protection. Why?  NBC News
  5. U.S. Says 11 Service Members Were Injured When Iran Attacked Iraqi Base  NPR
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