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2019 Jan 20 - 03:31 am (GMT)        |       2019 Jan 20 - 09:31 am (Bangladesh)

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  1. Nancy Pelosi has a blank check, and she'd rather spite Trump than cash it  Washington Examiner
  2. Why Trump canceled Pelosi’s trip to Afghanistan  Vox.com
  3. Trump plans to make Democrats an offer to end shutdown, not declare national emergency, in Saturday speech, official says  CNN
  4. Trump plans a 'major' announcement about the border amid reports the White House may offer concessions on immigrant 'Dreamers'  CNBC
  5. Trump's petty shutdown games show 'The Art of the Deal' author has no idea how to negotiate effectively  NBC News
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  1. Trump Touts Border Wall In San Antonio, Which Has No Wall And Isn't On The Border  HuffPost
  2. This is how much of the border wall has been built so far  CNN
  3. 'Not a 2,000-mile concrete structure from sea to sea': Is Trump scaling back border wall plan?  USA TODAY
  4. Trump insists that a 'border crisis’ is ravaging America – Here's what numbers tell us  Fox News
  5. To build the wall, Trump might make thousands of Americans suffer  The Washington Post
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  1. Trump Travels To Dover AFB For Dignified Transfer Of 4 Americans Killed In Syria  NPR
  2. 4 Americans killed in Syria had skills needed for highly-sensitive intelligence gathering, officials say  CNN
  3. President Trump pays tribute to Americans killed in Syrian suicide bombing as their bodies arrive back in US  Fox News
  4. Trump’s Syria policy is dangerously incompetent  Los Angeles Times
  5. Trump visits air base where remains of Americans killed in Syria are returned  CBS News
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  1. Teens in Make America Great Again hats taunted a Native American elder at the Lincoln Memorial  CNN
  2. Video shows teen boys taunting Native American man at march  New York Post
  3. Students in ‘MAGA’ hats mock Native American after rally  Washington Post
  4. Native American Vietnam Veteran Speaks Out After MAGA Hat-Wearing Teens Harass Him  HuffPost
  5. White students in MAGA hats taunt Native American elders  Vox.com
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Dangerous winter storm disrupts travel across U.S.  CBS News

A large, powerful and dangerous winter storm is taking aim at about one-third of the nation this weekend. It rapidly moved from the Central Plains to the Midwest ...

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