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2020 Jun 02 - 02:59 pm (GMT)        |       2020 Jun 02 - 08:59 pm (Bangladesh)

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  1. Mark Zuckerberg criticised by civil rights leaders over Donald Trump Facebook post  The Guardian
  2. Facebook employees stage a virtual walkout over Zuckerberg's inaction on Trump posts  CNN
  3. Facebook's Zuckerberg accused of setting dangerous precedent over Trump  BBC News
  4. Facebook and Twitter Must Do More About Trump’s Tweets  The New York Times
  5. Trump-appointed FCC commissioner says Twitter CEO is 'weaponizing' his business for his 'partisan political beliefs'  CNBC
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  1. Police chief to Trump: Please, keep your mouth shut if you can't be constructive  CNN
  2. Anderson Cooper Tears Into Donald Trump’s “Law And Order” Approach To Protesters: “He Calls Them Thugs. Who Is The Thug Here?”  Deadline
  3. Trump stages photo-op in front of closed church amid protests  CNN
  4. Military vehicles move outside White House amid protests  CNN
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  1. A peaceful protest, then looting, on Van Nuys Boulevard  Los Angeles Times
  2. LAPD Chief Moore says George Floyd's death on looters' hands as much as officers  Los Angeles Times
  3. George Floyd protests: Nearly 1,200 arrested in L.A. County  Los Angeles Times
  4. Small, peaceful Van Nuys demonstration grows despite cancellation and fears of unrest  LA Daily News
  5. Looting reported in Van Nuys amid peaceful protests  Los Angeles Times
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  1. Trump Says He May Use The Insurrection Act To Quell Protests⁠—Here’s What That Means  Forbes
  2. Explainer: Can Trump send the U.S. military to quell violence at protests?  Reuters UK
  3. The President addresses the nation amid nationwide protests  POLITICO
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  1. Biden cranks up contrast with Trump  POLITICO
  2. Trump is in a free fall — for now  The Washington Post
  3. Bernie Sanders tries on a new role in 2020: Inside player  CNN
  4. Where Are Bernie Sanders and College Campus Activism When We Need Them Most? | Opinion  Newsweek
  5. George Floyd's death ramps up the pressure on Biden for a black VP | TheHill  The Hill
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